Hello, this is QUEENBEE company, the leader in the digital asset market.


In commemoration of the opening of the global QBZ community, we conducted an event in which many of you have participated in. We deeply appreciate your participation, and hereby announce the winners of the event.

We have replaced some parts of your email address with asterisks to protect your personal information. So, please carefully check the email address.

1st place Apple Watch Series 6: gu******18@gmail.com

2nd place Apple’s Airpod pro:




3rd place $25 Giftcard in Google Playstore/Apple’s Appstore:







Hello, this is QUEENBEE company, the leader in the digital asset market.

To join the global market, we recently opened the Official QBZ Reddit community and Official QBZ Discord community.

To celebrate the grand opening of the Global QBZ communities, we newly hold an event. Please take a look at our event and join!

The participation survey form: https://forms.gle/JfdDssCudUeUL28t8

1. Event period (KST): 04/01/2021 00:00~ 04/07/2021 23:59

2. Event Contents: To Celebrate the grand opening of the global communities of QBZ, we’re giving out gifts through a random raffle to the QBZ official Reddit community and those who participated in…

To target global market, we have refurbished other community channels.

Please join and follow our communities

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Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/QBZ/
Discord : https://discord.gg/fSrGNAGCfA

Cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency exchanges are now popular and widely known to the public, and many exchanges such as Bithumb and Upbit are operating in Korea. However, STO (Security Token Offerings) exchange that trades Security Tokens may be unfamiliar to those traditional cryptocurrency traders. Although it may sound alien to all, there are many STO exchanges that have been already developed and operating globally. Among them, ‘1 EXCHANGE (hereinafter 1X)’ is a digital asset exchange that is legally operated in Singapore.

1X is a digital asset platform created by Capbridge Financial’s subsidiary company in Singapore, 2019. 1X is a platform…

Hello, this is QUEENBEE company, the leader in the digital asset market.

We explained the ‘Partial Listing Service’ of QUEENBEE company several times. In this article, we would like to share the process of ‘Partial Listing Service’.

The process of the ‘Partial Listing Service’ is divided into six steps, and it proceeds from signing a service contract of a non-listed company to a post-listing service. Some shares of unlisted companies are sold domestically through Singapore SPV, and the sold shares are converted into digital assets with ‘1 Exchange’ listing as collateral. …

QUEENBEE COMPANY, presenting a new financial solution to the private equity market for unlisted companies growing globally, announced that it has completed the renewal of its web and introduction video on April 5th. QUEENBEE COMPANY announced that the renewal is to enhance the understanding of QUEENBEE COMPANY and expand accessibility to investors and users.

Private Equity Market for unlisted companies’ funding scale is continuously increasing every year and reached 600 trillion won. Starting from 2010, the scale exceeded the public offering market investment.

However, there is a mismatch between unlisted companies and investment companies in reality. Unlisted companies are having…

Over the past few years, industries using Blockchain technology (Payment, De-Fi, NFT, Web3.0, etc.) have been placed at the center of the world’s attention. Among these, NFT is applying Blockchain technology to valuable, Irreplaceable assets such as artwork, music, and real estate properties to protect them from illegal piracy and maintain their unique value.

The continuous effort to protect its unique value and make a more convenient world has led to digitalizing the “stock” of a financial market. …

Hello, this is QUEENBEE company, the leader in the digital asset market.

We would like to share the benefits of the ‘Investment Advisory Service’ of Queenbee Company.

We provide ‘Partial Listing Service’ to help our customer corporations to get more investments in the market. With that ‘Partial Listing Service’, we also provide ‘Investment Advisory Service’. Then what is ‘Investment Advisory Service’?

The benefits of ‘Investment Advisory Service’ of Queenbee Company

The ‘Investment Advisory Service’ provides transparent information to the investors who are willing to invest in unicorn venture corporations. We provide opportunities to those angel investors who would like to invest in unlisted corporations, and we provide opportunities to those unlisted customer corporations to get more investment chances.

QUEENBEE company will continue to strive for our dream of creating a new paradigm in the global capital market accompanied by blockchain technology.


Hello, this is QUEENBEE company, the leader in the digital asset market.

We would like to share the merits of the “Partial Listing Service”.

The total share of the corporation is 100%. Let’s suppose that investor ‘A’ owns 5% of the corporation and willing to cash it by liquidate it in the market. If the corporation is listed on the stock market such as NYSE, the investor ‘A’ could simply sell his share in the market. But, if the corporation is not listed on the stock market, the investor ‘A’ should look for someone willing to buy his shares. It…

Hello, this is QUEENBEE company, the leader in the digital asset market.

With various partners, our objective is to adjust and expand the private finance market through asset digitalization.

We support our customer companies in entering the global market through well-known business consulting skills and blockchain technology.

With the use of blockchain technology, we provide support to private companies entering the global digital asset market despite the limitations in financing, through a “Partial Listing Service”. So what is this “Partial Listing Service”?

Companies can either be classified as publicly traded or privately owned. Publicly traded firms are listed in the…


QUEENBEE is the advanced financial advisory firm that provide global asset liquidation with blockchain technologies

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