‘Investment Advisory Service’ of Queenbee company

Hello, this is QUEENBEE company, the leader in the digital asset market.

We would like to share the benefits of the ‘Investment Advisory Service’ of Queenbee Company.

We provide ‘Partial Listing Service’ to help our customer corporations to get more investments in the market. With that ‘Partial Listing Service’, we also provide ‘Investment Advisory Service’. Then what is ‘Investment Advisory Service’?

The benefits of ‘Investment Advisory Service’ of Queenbee Company

The ‘Investment Advisory Service’ provides transparent information to the investors who are willing to invest in unicorn venture corporations. We provide opportunities to those angel investors who would like to invest in unlisted corporations, and we provide opportunities to those unlisted customer corporations to get more investment chances.

QUEENBEE company will continue to strive for our dream of creating a new paradigm in the global capital market accompanied by blockchain technology.


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