[NEWS] about Bithumb’s Notice:

we sincerely apologize for the second extension.

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Hello, this is Queen Bee Company.

Despite doing everything we can to be relieved from the Investment Warning status, we sincerely apologize for the second extension.

The progress of our first project to list local companies at Singaore 1X (1 Exchange) is being delayed due to COVID-19. However, we wish to assure you that we will be releasing more details on it soon on the cooperation with 1X. As the first project of ours, we have put in a lot of effort at time and we appreciate your interest.

Please allow us to share more on QBZ.

Firstly, the police is investigating on the hacking issue as noticed earlier. It is not up to us to reveal more information on this as it is sensitive matter and external pressure may occur. We will let you know as soon as we have confirmed eveidence and more information is sent to the foundation.

Next, our smart contract and burning of the tokens. We are currently listed on Bithumb Korea and Bithumb Globalm and the replacement of our smart contract is being discussed with the entities together with the release of the investment warning designation.

The replacement of the QBZ smart contract will take place before the token burn. The burn itself will be carried out in several stages, and once the hacker of QBZ is arrested, we will brun those amounts as well.

In addition, Queen Bee Company is discussing with various exchanges regarding listing. Through the information disclosure platform, we are working to achieve a real-time price checker for QBZ.

Queen Bee Company will work harder to repay investors’ trust, including the relief from the investment warning project.

Thank you.

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QUEENBEE is the advanced financial advisory firm that provide global asset liquidation with blockchain technologies

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