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Hello, This is QUEENBEE Company.

In the beginning of this year, we launched a police investigation for the loss of our foundation and investors subject to hacked and stolen QBZ, finding a great quantity of hacked materials flown into Bithumb Global.

We have then started co-operating with police, ever since, for chasing the amount of hacked materials ever, restricting all the bank deposit/withdrawals in the platform.

Upon above, we are now willing to settle a justifiable compensation plan for those QBZ traders and investors, inflicted by the prolonged investigation.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill the relevant info, of your QBZ retention status following the term and method below so that we can shortly start internal examination regarding the compensation for you.

If you are currently a holder QBZ in Bithumb Global, we kindly ask you to send us an email referring to the instructions as below.

We will announce the term and recipients for the compensation, reviewing your email.

Also, we cautiously ask your understanding; those info in your email would also be sent towards the authority of investigation, saving its time.

We appreciate your understanding in advance.

● TERM: 2020.11.05–2020.11.12 November (7 Days)

● SUBJECT: QBZ holder earlier than this announcement

● APPLY email:

● e.g., Title of email: “Re: Compensation for QBZ holder in Bithumb Global_Name”


① Captured screen of your Bithumb Global usage(ID=Email)

※The attachment should be sent through the same email address with your Bithumb Global account(we will double-check it with Bithumb Global)

② QBZ Retention Status — Captured screen of your QBZ quantity

③ QBZ Transaction History* — Captured Screen of your entire transaction history and Excel File, including Trading Date, Type of Trading(Buying/Selling), Trading Quantity, Closing Price, Transaction Amount.

④ Proof of Purchase** — The source of funding (Captured screen of your BTC/USDT remittance status or deposit-status in Bithumb Global)

⑤ Agreement for the collection and usage of your personal info.*** — We will send those approved recipients a copy later so that you can send us a scanned one with your signature.

Document to verify yourself**** (ID Card, Driving License, A picture of you holding a passport)

*), **): You should give a direct contact Bithumb Global, requesting for the documents because it only shows the status of latest 3 months.

***) Your personal info will be discarded after the investigation.

****) Please erase the later 7 digit of your ID number and send us.

※ All the captured screen should invoice the dates. For example, Window OS(the dates on the right bottom side) and Mac OS(the dates on the right upper side)

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