‘QBEE(QBZ) Token’ currently discussing the final listing on the largest exchange in Korea.

A cryptocurrency developed by the Queenbee Company is currently discussing the final listing on the largest exchange in Korea.

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A cryptocurrency developed by the Queenbee Company, a blockchain management consulting firm that actor Bae Yong-jun participated in and founded, is currently discussing the final listing on the largest exchange in Korea.

Industry insiders said “Currently, low interest rates and strong regulations on investment markets (stocks, real estate, etc.) are reducing investments. This would be an opportunity if QBEE Coin is traded on the largest exchange in Korea as a new method of investments.”

QBEE Coin is an asset of QBEE platform for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market that supports the issuance of digital assets licensed by the Singapore government, allowing domestic unlisted companies to access new financial markets. The official explained QBEE platform supports digital asset conversion services in compliance with AML / KYC.

The year 2020 is seen as the first year of the Security Token Offering (STO) or digital asset market, which is different from the ICOs(Initial Coin Offering) in 2017–2018.

ICO is a way to secure funds by issuing and selling blockchain-based cryptocurrencies. STO, on the other hand, is a method of raising funds by issuing tokens secured by real assets based on blockchain.The newly created digital assets currently hold the same value as stocks and can be traded on the trading platform, for which Queenbee Company acquired a stake in Capbridge Group. Capbridge Group received an official exchange license from the Singapore Financial Authority, and operates One Exchange, a digital asset exchange.

There are many ICO products and services that have not been put to practical use so far, digital assets created through the Queen Bee Company service have ownership of the assets.

For instance, company may earn additional revenue by managing information and transaction history of the filmmaker’s digital assets. Of course, if the film fails to enter the box office or does not exceed the break-even point, the price may drop, but free market trading is a feature of digital assets.

The STO has received considerable attention since the middle of last year after ICO is not the hot means of investment. The CEO of J. Lee Transformation Group Korea said through the webzine of INBEX, a cryptocurrency exchange operated by ChainQuarters,

“STO’s market cap is expected to exceed $ 10 trillion by 2020. In the future, STO will replace ICOs in Korea and around the world.”

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QUEENBEE is the advanced financial advisory firm that provide global asset liquidation with blockchain technologies

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