[NEWS] QUEENBEE has attracted strategic investment from Yulicis Capital in U.S.A.

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QueenBee’s company has attracted strategic investment from hedge fund Yulicis Capital in the U.S.A. (operating assets of 150 trillion dollor).

The company aims to participate directly and indirectly in Singapore’s Digital Asset-issued ecosystem and provide support for the new financial ecosystem.

QueenBee Company will support the Singapore government-approved digital asset market.

The Singapore Exchange(SGX) and Hanwha Investment & Securities are also participating as major share-holders.

QueenB Coin(QBZ) called “Yonsama Coin”, and went public on the cryptocurrency Bithumb exchange on Feb. 26th, with trading exceeding 100 billion won within 12 hours.

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QUEENBEE is the advanced financial advisory firm that provide global asset liquidation with blockchain technologies

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