Rising of STO market, what is STO?

Over the past few years, industries using Blockchain technology (Payment, De-Fi, NFT, Web3.0, etc.) have been placed at the center of the world’s attention. Among these, NFT is applying Blockchain technology to valuable, Irreplaceable assets such as artwork, music, and real estate properties to protect them from illegal piracy and maintain their unique value.

The continuous effort to protect its unique value and make a more convenient world has led to digitalizing the “stock” of a financial market. This digitalized stock can protect the publishing company’s information and investor’s information from data forgery and at the same time keep its value.

Digitalized stock is called Security Token(ST). Initial Public Offering(IPO) using this ST is called ‘STO(Security Token Offering). The previous step of IPO (Pre-IPO) can be done through blockchain platforms and currently, many companies are part of this project and running them.

As the number of participants in this STO market increases, the scale of the market is increasing as well.


Market Cap: continuous growth

Trading Vol: Continuous growth

Number of companies publishing STO: continuous growth


Furthermore, existing stock can be shifted to the blockchain, changing them to Security Token so that customers can easily trade them unlike 2020. (e.g., FTX, Uniswap, etc.)

Like this, many of the domestic companies are doing their best to participate in this huge potential market.

QUEENBEE company will continue to strive for our dream of creating a new paradigm in the global capital market accompanied by blockchain technology.


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