[Xangle]You can find QUEENBEE here.

Dear QUEENBEE Community.. by Xangle.io

Hello, This is Xangle.io.

Xangle is officially working with QUEENBEE to promote transparency in the crypto market.

Check out the QUEENBEE dashboard on the Xangle platform to learn more about QUEENBEE: Token Information, Company Overview, Announcements and Always-on Disclosures

Xangle hopes that current multilingual support will help inform QUEENBEE’s business and technological developments to QBZ holders in many countries.

All information posted on Xangle.io has been verified by the QUEENBEE team.

To find out more about Xangle’s vision and future plans,

please contact https://t.me/xangle_community.

Thank you.

QUEENBEE INFORMATION: https://xangle.io/project/home/QBZ/dashboard

Official Channel

[Homepage] [Telegram] [Twitter] [KakaoTalk] [Facebook]

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QUEENBEE is the advanced financial advisory firm that provide global asset liquidation with blockchain technologies

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